Stress – Worry – Anxiety

This past 18 months have been extremely challenging for so many and has left a lasting affect. Anxiety levels have increased dramatically and luckily we now appreciate mental health as important if not more so than physical health. We know that mental health has a profound effect on our health in general.

Have you thought however why can other people deal with stress and anxiety better than others?

The answer to this question it is based on many factors such as the level of anxiety that you have to deal with at any one time.

How long you have been dealing with anxious and stressful situation? What is your current environment stress levels i.e your job, you home life, financial situation and your current health? Whether you have had a major trauma in your life that you cannot process for what ever reason.

Also very importantly – your childhood and your relationship with your parents and siblings from being in the womb to now.

All of these factor form our level of anxiety and the amount we are actually carrying around with us. We all have a threshold – so higher than others – and should the anxiety and stress go beyond our body’s upper limit of dealing with these challenges, our health and wellbeing start to suffer. That will include skin conditions presenting, headaches, digestive disorders, weight gain and so on.

Through Clinical Hypnotherapy we look at the anxiety and replacing it with calm relaxing ways of thinking. Building a clients self belief and confidence in coping with every day situations, so that they start to think more rationally and can analyses their life from a
prospective of calm.

we cannot make good decision when we are feeling fearful, anxious and worried

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