About Hypnotic Hub

Hi, I am Sabina Jennings and I have focused the past 20 years of my life around natural health. Firstly, by studying for a degree in Herbal Medicine with University of Wales and then going on to gain a postgraduate diploma in Dermatology and a diploma in Iridology.  A great deal of my work has been in the corporate world giving presentations, forwarding sales pitches, public speaking and training staff.

However has been so noticeable is the number of business men and women who fear making any form of presentation or just standing and speaking to an audience. The fear and anxiety would become all consuming embedding even further their fears of making a mistake and then being rediculed.

I like to help clients to overcome the fears, anxiety and stress in the work place. In our careers have many aspects to them such as giving a presentation, training staff, sales presentations and pitches, giving speeches or putting a point a view to colleagues and bosses. We may have to interact at work with difficult colleagues which adds to the presssures. For many who are already under a great deal of stress, these tasks and interactions can seem insermountable. Through hypnotherapy and EMDR clients can start to overcome these limiting beliefs and cope far more effectively with their work. 

Why Hypnotherapy? I wanted to know more about the workings of the subconscious mind and its influences. Having looked at many post graduate mental health courses I decided that Hypnotherapy would be the modality that would answer my questions. From there I also went on to study EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing to help those who had suffered traumas that the subconscious mind had not fully processed so in essence the trauma is stuck.  By right and left stimulation of using the eyes to go from left to right whilst remembering the emotion of a triggering situation the emotion is then processed as it should be.  

                                            If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy and EMDR and how it might help you please call me or email.