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Q: Can anyone be hypnotised?

A: Most people can be hypnotised, some more so than others. Some groups of people find it difficult to relax which is fundamental to hypnosis. Therefore more time is taken to help them relax. The reason is that is for the new suggestions to be heard and appreciated by the sub coconscious mind, the client needs to be in Alpha brain wave. That is near sleep or in a very relaxed state.

Suggestions are words or phrases that are used in hypnosis after the hypnotherapist has had the initial consultation and has a full understanding of the concerns of the client. They are incorporated into the session whilst the client is relaxed. They are phrases like – ‘I now want to eat a healthy diet’ or ‘ I thoroughly approve of myself’ or ‘ I see the dentist as my friend and no longer fear making an appointment or being at the dentist’ and so on depending the reason the client came to the hypnotherapist.

Q: Can I be made to do anything or say anything against my will whilst in hypnosis?

 A: Absolutely NOT. During a hypnosis session you will hear everything that is being said and even being asked to reply to questions such as yes or no etc. At any point that you feel you have to leave the hypnosis session can do so instantly. You are also free to accept or reject any suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.

Q: What happens if I don’t come out of a trance?

A: Everyone comes out of deep relaxation naturally. No-one ever remains in a trance state indefinitely- I prefer to use the word relaxed state rather than trance.

Q: Can I drive afterwards?

A. Yes. You will feel relaxed, and your reactions and actions will be functioning very efficiently. You will feel very refreshed.

Q: Will I become very emotional?

A: This depends on what you have initially come in for. Some clients want to go back into childhood and sometimes events that occurred can be emotional. Others come who want motivation and moving forward with their lives and their emotions are very different. The hypnotherapist will be with you all the way and help you with your emotions.

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Cautions and Contra-indications

People that are not ideal candidates for hypnosis are people that might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or people that have a learning disability or mental disorder. It is also recommended that those with epilepsy should not be hypnotised because the state of hypnosis could elicit seizures (only for those who currently have epilepsy). In addition, hypnosis may not be suitable for those with a heart condition, those with extremely high blood pressure or those that have psychosis or mental illness. In the case where one has a chronic health condition the hypnotherapist may seek approval from the client’s health care provider.

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