Online Hypnotherapy

On line therapy sessions are a fantastic way of accessing Hypnotherapy consultations.  After specialising in online hypnotherapy and working with clients all around the world I have come to realise there the key things that are necessary to getting the best out of your session.

  Sabina explains how to get the best out of your Online Sessions

This is may sound obvious, but you must have a good internet connection.  This is so you don’t keep losing connection and thereby disrupting the session, so ensuring the best time for your investment.

Make sure you have a quiet space that is in your home, in your office and try to make sure that the space is personal to you – somewhere you are not going to be disturbed or interrupted. During your session you can have computer audio or head phones either is fine. When you wear headphones it does insure a bit more privacy so that no one else can hear what I am saying and  also in hypnosis you will become more emerced in the session

Take time to prepare before your session starts.  Give yourself that time just to settle before the appointment – feel mentally prepared.

Get nice in comfortable – so make sure wherever you are sitting is comfortable and warm. During hypnosis I would like to see your head and shoulders so that I can monitor how you are relaxing.  

Try to give yourself time after the session just to reflect on the session instead of rushing off. This helps to confirm what has been discussed and  for you to focus on your new goals and the path you want to take in life.


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