Sport Visualisation to Achieve Your Goal

I am sure you have heard of sport visualisation with many of the great sport men and women using this technique.

Sport visualisation under hypnosis brings together the feeling of the moment, a gut reaction, the physical sense and memory of past achievements.  Those who are more sensitive on an audible level, it will be the sounds of the crowd, the music, the noise coming from team players or other competitors, with no mental pictures, but sounds that are associated with success.

Images, feelings, emotions and sound have an incredible influence on the mind and outcome.

Having a vision of the future greatly increases the possibility of realising your hopes and dreams

However trying self hypnosis for many can be tricky.  The body and mind don’t want to settle to take the time to abrace the visulisation, the reframing and emotional  beliefs. They can set up a resistance, however in clinic the resistance is greatly lessended and desired outcome more achieveable.

Help is needed to kick start the process and get the ball to role!!

Why does the visualisation achieve better results under hypnosis. In hypnosis the mind is in Alpha wave. This occurs when we are relaxed, we change from Beta wave to Alpha wave.  The sub concious mind is now receptive to learning, and to understand our desired outcomes. Your desired out comes to become beliefs and then form a habit of knowing that your are good enough to achieve success.  The process of hypnosis needs to be repeated so that the lesson is fully learnt and with help and repeating the hypnosis at home this can bring powerful outcomes.  The more the desire, the outcome then becomes embedded in the subconcious, the easier for your body is able feel as if it actually competing successfully. New neural pathways have formed in the brain sending the correct messages to your body.

However you might feel that there are blocks in the way, such as self sabotaging and until these blocks are processed, success can be evasive. This is where EMDR helps to process the ‘blocks’, – emotions that are ‘stuck’, whether they are lack of self belief, or there as a protection method that now is no longer needed.

EMDR and hypnosis in combination are a powerful formular for success.

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