Mental Focus in Sport

Mental Focus in any sport has to be one of the biggest challenges. In a world full of distractions, from social media, our phones, TV to money issues, our relationships and much more focussing is becoming more difficult. We seem to be so busy today, but our focus is getting weaker.

When our attention is ‘off point’ even a small amount, resisting what you need to do, we are potentially wasting time and effort. Our brain can only attend to so much in a day and if it is fogged up with triva from things like the mobile phone, emails, TV etc the less the things you want to truly focus on, get lost in the clutter.  By flicking around on the phone or being distracted by insignifcant items the more you are training your mind to be scattered and when you truly want to focus that is going to be an up hill challenge.

There are clearly certain sports that if the focus is off then this could be potentially dangerous.  You don’t want to be riding into a big solid fence and be thinking about the latest instergram post!! 

The focus really comes into its own during training.  Training is repartitious until the art is mastered and here is where we can become less focussed and easily distracted – motivation then wains.

Hypnosis is where the body  – yes the body is taught to sit still: the mind then will follow.  The more one can learn the art of hypnosis the easier one can switch off from the every day and focus on what you want to achieve.  After a time and with ‘anchoring’ – which is taught – you will be able to go into the focus mode very quickly and focus on the task at hand by thought alone.

Learning to focus needs to become a habit

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