Skin Conditions

 If you are suffering from a skin condition such a psoriasis, rosacea, acne, dermatitis etc and arrived at this page, you most probably have tried nearly everything to try and reduce the condition.

So how can hypnotherapy help in what is most probably a genetic predisposition? In the years that I have been running a skin clinic, just a note I am also a medical herbalist with qualifications in dermatology as well as a hypnotherapist, clients skin conditions calmed down with the addition of meditation and calming influences.

It was quite noticeable once a stress factor entered their lives, the skin would flare, despite other protocols. An example of this was a lady whose psoriasis flared every time her mother came to visit. The question was there a dietary change i.e eating more comforting foods, or drinking more alcohol etc?  What was it about their relationship that caused the body to become so anxious: psoriasis being highly sensitive to stress and anxiety? Not only would the hypnotherapy help with stress and anxiety reduction, but also explore the core issues.

This is where hypnotherapy can have such a positive influence and in this case, around the mother daughter relationship and for the client to become aware of the triggers. EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy) in this case given, has also a role in desensitising the anxiety and helping the client to remain calmer in stressful situations.


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