Self Belief 

Benefits of Hypnotherapy and EMDR

Believing in Yourself and Your Training

When we start to doubt ourselves, when things go wrong or someone says somethings that hits that ‘nerve’: self doubt, imposter syndrome all come flooding in. Rest assured you are not alone.  These emotions can come from past experiences whether from the home or at school etc.  How was our environment growing up: full of fear, anxiety or loving and supportive or usually a mixture of the two?

How sensitive are we to that negative passing comment, to setbacks, to the environment of childhood?  They all have an influence.

When we understand who we are and appreciate who we are, then we are well on our way to success.  However those past beliefs held  can nag away at us can make the difference in our perception of our abilities.

Belief such as :-

I do this to please my parents

You are so selfish with all the time you spend on sport

Look at the cost of all of this – you would have done better studying more

There’s no future in sport  – that’s for the gifted few

You will never make anything of yourself – just accept that

Women are not as strong as men – so don’t even try

I could go on and on with things that have been said in and as youngester we believe our peers.  We want them to be proud of us, we seek validation from them and we we have it, its a wonderful feeling. However we can be negatively influenced by ‘that remark’.  Here’s where boundaries have an importance that is often under estimate. Boundaries allow us to take that moment to evaluate what is being said, what we feel and make a positive assessment.  We then can reject or accept what is being said.

The question also is what is your inner voice saying. How is it hindering you? Does it affect the way you perform?  Does it get to a pitch that it is having a profound impact on you? Does it make you doubt yourself, your training and your preparation?

Through EMDR and Hypnotherapy visulisation and reframing, negative beliefs can be ‘pushed to one side’ with new positive forward thinking beliefs. Unprocessed emotions and potential triggers from the past can be correctly processed and thus desensitising them so that their influence in lessened. Boundaries can be established which asssist in filtering negative unhelpful comments to accepting and appreciated positive advise.  Allowing the person to remain calm and focused when negative chatter is in play.

EMDR and Hypnotherapy have a strong role in establishing solid positive beliefs, setting boundaries and diminishing imposter syndrome.

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