Public Speaking

For many people presenting a power point or giving a report to a group of co-workers or new buyers etc can be very daunting. Their wheels start to spin, they can’t remember the message that they wanted to get across and the whole experience can be a nightmare.

During my career I have given many presentations to boards of directors, group buyers, individual buyers etc. I get great pleasure from doing it and have been praised at the professionalism of the presentations.

In essence a presentation is about giving information and connecting your enthusiasm for your subject to your clients.

It is the speaker’s engagement with the audience that is paramount.

In hypnotherapy along with EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) we look at why the client is so anxious and stressed about talking to their peers and colleagues. Usually, this fear will have stemmed from childhood.

For instance, a client had a dreadful fear of reading things out in front of people. She would become so anxious that she said ‘I can’t even remember my name when I am in that situation – it’s a nightmare’. The underlying cause is that she had difficulty reading at school, but instead of being gently encourage by her teachers, she was told to stand in front of the class and read. You can imagine what happened. Her fears got worse and worse and so did her reading. That emotional trauma has stayed with the client well into adult hood.

Through a series of session with EMDR, hypnotherapy and EFT emotional freedom techniques she now loves reading, giving talks and presentations. In fact, her new job requires that she reads out loud to groups of people on a daily basis.

If you have a fear of presentations or public speaking give me a call and I will see if I can help: Tel: 07464202715