Narcissistic Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother daughter relationships can be strained at times, but when the mother has narcissistic traits it develops into a whole different relationship.

Perhaps you are on this page because you are in search of answers primarily about yourself. You can’t understand why you have imposter syndrome, you just don’t feel you are good enough, you don’t want to start projects, because they will fail. You lack motivation and can so easily go into depression and have bouts of anxiety. You certainly find it difficult to stay NO, and are a people pleaser with trying to do things to a high standard – that’s of course if you start and if you do you often don’t finish. Making mistakes puts you into an anxiety state higher than normal and trust – well where is that gone? You feel guilt and shame and I could go on and on

Does any of this sound familiar?

Does your mother ever do any of these – see what you think:

1. You feel tired and exhausted and on edge having been with your mother

2. You feel deflated, confused or just very sad when you have been with your mother

3. Has she ever said you have a vivid imagination especially when recalling an event she didn’t shine in?

4. Does your mother remember events differently to you with them in her favour

5. Do you feel one moment the relationship is great, but then in a split second the situation has changed and she will criticise something about you or your life?

6. Is she charming about you in public as long as you don’t steel the limelight?

7. Does your mother keep comparing you to others?

8. Does your mother respect you personal space and belongings?

9. Does your mother ever apologies?

10. Does she have a long memory and when the situation suits her bring up unwanted memories and situations?

11. Does she insist that she is right even when she clearly is not?

12. Does she insist that she want things done her way and gets cross if they are not?

13. Is she jealous of other women? Or does she say she is never jealous of anyone?

14. Does she give herself praise for her achievements and for being a wonderful mother?

15. Does she blame you for things that has gone wrong in her life?

16. Does she revert to emotional blackmail when you have not considered her i.e. going on holiday without her?

17. Is she vain and happy with self praise?

18. Can she be exceptionally wounding to point of being offensive?

19. Has she ever gaslighted you?

20. Has she ever asked her friends to reprimand you on a subject – fly monkeys?

If a lot of these suggestions resonate with you – you may have a mother with narcissistic traits.

You can’t fix your mother but you can support yourself


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