Narcissistic Traits

Living or working with Someone with Narcissistic Traits?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a Cluster B personality disorder, which is often undiagnosed as it is thought that between 1 -4 % of percent of people have it.   A person with narcissist traits may not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and in this article and this website, the reference to narcissism is in regard to narcissistic traits –  not NPD. 

Despite the number of articles, websites, Youtubes etc there are so many who suffer on a daily basis the emotional abuse of narcissism. Narcissistic behaviour is more widespread and it is estimated that some 20% of people have the behaviour pattern and this figure is rising yearly.

Often the victim seeks help, thinking that they are at fault for the all the feelings of not being worthy, lack of motivation, imposter syndrome and anxiety especially around making a mistake or speaking out or having any opinion. Victims can set up deflection shield tactics so that they don’t get the lime light whilst in the presence of the person with narcissitic tendancies. But this deflection shield, as I call it, can creep into other area of the persons life – deflecting promotions, success, the right partner and so on. 

If you think you are in the company of a person with narcissistic tendancies see how many of the below traits you recognise.

* One moment adulation and statements of love and affection and then the next, ridicule, hurt, put downs and totally stripping the person of their self worth.

* Fantasies of being someone of importance, highly intelligent and well qualified, incredibly attractive etc

* Believing that they are superior to everyone else and that they deserve that recognition

* Very needy and demanding constant affection and praise

* Being entitled and expecting total obedience from others around especially family

* Exploitation of other so that they can reach their goals

* Intense jealousy of others especially those who they see might upstage them

* Belief that people are jealous of them and those people are only to be pitied

* Arrogant attitude

* Can’t cope with loosing in a game or in business etc

* Blaming others for their mistakes – never being able to say sorry

* Gas lighting – e.g saying that someone had done something or said  something and they hadn’t, thereby confusing the sufferer

* Manipulating others to be their Flying Monkeys

* Usually in the workplace, continual monologue so that no one else can express an opinion.

Symptoms of someone suffering from narcissistic trait abuse

Anxiety and depression

Always trying to please and keep the peace

Extremely low self belief and esteem

Weak personal boundaries

Never trusting anyone or the process of life

Attachment issues

Feeling that everything is their fault

Self criticism and thinking no one likes them

Problems with addictions

Everyone is better than them.

Addictions can ensue and comfort eating

Is there a way out?

Sabina has studied the tendancies of narcissism at length and will be able to help anyone who believes that they are suffering as a result of the continuing mental abuse.

The sooner you get help the better – don’t leave it and hope it will get better – IT WON’T. The abuser will never change if they have strong narcissistic traits for the simple reason that don’t believe there is anything wrong with them. Lower down the spectrum then the narcissistic traits maybe open to therapy and understanding how their actions are affecting people around them.

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