Lasting Effects of Being in the Company of a Narcissist


What are the lasting effects of Narcissistic abuse?

 The answer to this question very much depends on several factors.  I listed some of them below:

1.  The age at which a person was subjected to narcissistic abuse.

2. The length of time that the encounter lasted – was it years, decades or a life time?

3. How intense was the narcissist – were they persistent with continual gaslighting, put downs, ridiculing etc one or several of these events happening on a daily basis or was the unpleasantness sporadic?

4. On the scale formed by Dr Craig Malkin in his book The Narcissistic Test, how far up the scale is the narcissist?  The scale is 1 – 10 and 10 is all the characteristics of a narcissist and 1 is the opposite – the echo, the people please, rescuer. 

5. What characteristic does the sufferer have?  In essence are they emotional absorbent and are they easy influenced or are they defiant and no so receptive to peoples emotions?

As you can see there is a lot to think about.  My own experience in clinic is that the sufferer over time has weak boundaries, is easy anxious, and has low self esteem. They often say to me they feel powerless  in the face of authority and that everyone is better then them.  They also have a fear that in the state of powerlessness that they do not have a voice and therefore fear the future and the consequences of mistakes. Feeling numb and empty and very much alone, coupled with confusion.  They lose the ability to trust and therefore can struggle with relationships.

Naturally the longer a person has been in the company of a narcissist and particularly if the narcissist is a parent the more impact it will have.  Coupled with  an emotional character that is empathic and also easily hurt and influenced by unkind acts, this now is going to have a long lasting effect on the person.

          Is there a way forward? Yes

         Can I get ‘my voice’ back?  Yes

        Can I stand on my own two feet?  Yes

If you would like to talk more on the subject and see how hypnotherapy and EMDR can help in allowing you to establish stronger boundaries, to have a voice, not feel so powerless and enjoy life, then I would love to hear from you.

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