Imposter Syndrome


Do you have the feelings you really aren’t good enough and that everyone else is better than you? This can particularly happen in the work place. You are working on a project and you get near completion and you just feel the whole thing is a failure and not up to standard. You question yourself – why did I start this? Why do people seek my services when they can go to someone far better than me? How did I get this promotion – must have been luck or they had no-one else?

 With imposter syndrome you lack the self esteem and long lasting confidence. Maybe starting projects or jobs and then walking away. When you look back after some time you realise that actually you were not as bad as you thought your were and why did you walk away with negative thoughts about your abilities.


Self sabotaging is another sign of imposter syndrome. Deep down in your subconscious mind you have the belief that you do not deserve to do well because your are not good enough. To keep the ‘status quo’ and the programme of imposter syndrome running, you do something that will undermine everything you have done. This then re-affirms your belief in yourself that you are not good enough and so the circle goes round and round.

 How to break free? There has to be a new belief introduced to the subconscious mind – that you are deserving, good enough and capable. The more that new belief is confirmed, the weaker the old belief becomes and change occurs. Yes it takes time, but through hypnotherapy and coaching that process can be speeded up and the coaching helps you stay focussed on being ENOUGH.



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