Sport Performance 

EMDR and Hypnotherapy

 Have you anxiety when playing your sport – do you have resistance in achieving your best – are you motivated after a trauma or setback? Do you feel you don’t deserve to be the very best in your chosen sport that everyone is better than you so why bother? Do you feel stuck and can’t find your way forward?

Anxiety – Depressed – Fear – Lacking in Self Belief?

Mental Preparation

Being prepared mentally is just as important as being prepared physically. Perhaps there have been several set backs that have affected your self belief, or there have been injuries and you have thoughts that these might occur again. Or for some reason you are just not getting the recognition that you should – could be lack of focus or difficulty in visualizing the perfect end result. What ever the mental state of mind is, it will have a direct effect on performance.

So make the change!

How Hypnotherapy Can Help?
Becoming more focused and support your goals

Reduction in anxiety levels and handle the ‘nerves’ better

Increasing self-belief and focus on motivation

Improving confidence and increases concentration

Positive mind thoughts and contributes to relaxation

Gains confidence and reduce the fear of the future

Respond more effectively to challenges in the competitive area.

The influence of hypnosis of certain aspects of sport and sport performances has been studied in sports such as basketball, long distance runners, on golf and golf putting performance, on archery performance and short serve badminton and much more.

EMDR and Sport Performance

EMDR shortend from Eye Motion Desensitisation and Reprocessing involves the subconcious mind where unprocessed trauma can be stored. The trauma can be far back into childhood and a recent setbacks or something someone said can re-trigger that stuck incident. EMDR helps to reprocesses the trauma as it should have done naturally, allowing the incident to pass and not be so influential on the present moment.

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