Emotional Trauma and Set Backs in Sport

During any sports career there will be at some point when a person has a really bad day, an emmotional meltdown or over heightened anxiety for no reason.  The effect can be can leave the sport’s person feeling demorilised – what’s the point, fear full of the next meeting or event and anxiety can take over and countermand self belief.

  If the cause of the setback can be given an associated reason, then working to avoid that scenario or adjusting things so the chances of repetition are less, then that is helpful, however often the reason is not clear.  The person will start ruminating over and over the situation in their thoughts for days, slowly steadily embedding the emotion in their mind.

If the trauma has a profound effect on the person then it might not be processed correctly – stuck  -and held where can be recounted in the event of a trigger, an association of what’s happening now and the event that happened in the past.  This stimulates all the emotions of the setback in a new situation: anxiety, fear of the repetition and so on.

What is needed is for the setback event to be processed correctly so that it doesn’t have the same influence in the future.  Here is where EMDR (eye motion desensitisation and reporcessing) can be so effective. During the bilateral stimulation which can be through eye movement or bilateral tapping, the vividness and emotion of the memory are reduced.  Introduction of a positive outcome, though hypnotherapy strengthen the positive belief of achievement. 

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