Setting Goals and Reaching Your Potential


Have you decided to change? To get more clients, have a better career, pursue the life and dreams you want, but at the moment things are just getting in a rut and negative patterns are repeating themselves.

Now is time to change that embedded pattern of belief.

Well let’s start !

1. We have to go on a journey back in time to find out where your current limiting beliefs about yourself have come from and start introducing new beliefs – new patterns of thinking. This is so important and without this process, the old programme of limiting belief will keep running.

2. Understanding the importance of focus. Keeping focussing on the end goal and use the tools which I will show you to dispel limiting beliefs that might drop into your mind in between hypnosis sessions.

3. Knowing: know with every fibre, molecule of your body that you are worthy of your end goal and through EMDR and hypnotherapy those new beliefs will steadily start to make a difference.

4. Be the person you really want to be. By using a technique call reframing you see the new you in your imagination – the person you want to be and then start being that new person, in the way you dress, the way you hold yourself and the way you feel and importantly care about what you say – it must be positive.

5. We need to add some emotion – emotion super charges the suggestions into the subconscious mind. By going on a journey to see your-self through hypnosis on your current path and then the path of possibilities emotions are raised. Hold those emotions and add them to suggestions in hypnosis and allow your subconscious mind to make the changes.

If you are interested in the programme of setting goals and making them your possibilities and potential call me now: 07464202715