About Hypnotic Hub

Hi, I am Sabina Jennings and I have focussed the past 20 years of my life around natural
health. Firstly, by studying for a degree in Herbal Medicine with University of Wales and
then going on to gain a postgraduate diploma in Dermatology and a diploma in Iridology.
However, what was very apparent that I noticed in my clinic, was how our past experiences,
the stresses in life and our thought patterns can have a huge impact on our health: it was
noticeable in the skin clinic with skin flares. Reduce the stressors and the body has a chance
to recover back to homeostasis.

Why Hypnotherapy? I wanted to know more about the workings of the subconscious mind
and its influences. Having looked at many post graduate mental health courses I decided that
Hypnotherapy would be the modality that would answer my questions. From there I also
went on to study EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing to help those who
had suffered traumas that the subconscious mind had not fully processed so in essence the
trauma is stuck.